Steadicam Segway – Steadiseg

Now available directly from myself. Also available from Optical Support. Steadiseg_Thomas_English     Announcing the new Steadiseg. A specially converted Segway to take Steadicam and accessories. Because I don't actually have my own showreel yet I am going to show you other peoples showreels so you can get an idea as to what is possible. It is useful on those large scale shots that you need at a certain pace. As a tool it falls between a rickshaw and a tracking vehicle but in no way replaces either of them. There are many instances where a tracking vehicle is the better tool and others where you need to use the rickshaw.     Above : Chris Fawcette @

Steadicam Segway on a 3D football movie (Behind the scenes) from Thomas English on Vimeo. Pedro Guimaraes, SOC


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