Steadicam and Handheld Rickshaw. This is available only for wet hire with myself and Steadicam kit. Dry hire enquiries please contact Optical Support directly. I also do all foreign work with Optical supports rickshaw as it folds down and travels easily. The balloon tyre modification has just been made by Alex Saunders at BlackstoneStudios    



DSCF1194 AR Rickshaw 2 AR Rickshaw Steadicam Balloon Rickshaw GRIPS THAT LOVE THE RICKSHAW Since some grips hate the Rickshaw to the point of refusing to use it because they are unfit or don't see it as their jobs. I have compiled a list below of grips that get a kick out of the Rickshaw. This is a new list so if you are a grip that would like to be included please message me: David Bradshaw +44 7767 022 389 Aubrey Pascoe 07980 605 993 David Reeves 078 2333 8170


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