Coca Cola Britains Beat

Shooting for Coca Colas campaign for the London Olympics we used the MK-V AR rig for the opening shot of the commercial and regular Steadicam to get lots of very intimate crowd. shots. Dan Bronks DoP'd this with great panache for Director Chris Cairns based at Partizan. The initial opening shot, of the torch bearing athlete running, was very tricky for me because it was on "the other side". Essentially with the way the sun was rising the camera had to be off to the right of the tracking vehicle so I had to learn to operate with my left hand instead of my right. I spent a good week practising before hand and weirdly enough it all came together on the day. The camera goes from uber low mode to eye level as the tracking vehicle accelerates away from the athlete. Regular steadicam was used to get stable and intimate "off-guard" tracking as well as static shot closeups whithin crowds. The ability to move the camera inches to get a sun flare as the non-actor relaxed enabled some great great off the cuff shots. We were able to move amongst the crowd catching the light and the moments easily. The Boxx HD transmitter delivered picture to nearly half a mile away to the small tent full of agency sipping cappucinos. At least I'd like to think that is what they were doing. They were probably frantically making hasty plans as to what to shoot if we failed to get the shot.


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