Toshiba Thrive

Barry Ackroyd DoP'd a day out on super16 for a commercial! Its been a while. A commercial for the American market I operated Steadicam and it was directed by Ulf Johansso. Artem had provided a giant ticker tape machine that send glittering tickertape all over set on every take. Apart from it all going down my back it was covering my monitor and stopping me from framing correctly! After many rubbish attempts with some canned air. Barry went and had a word with Make-up and returned triumphantly with a small fan and some gaffer tape. We gaffered this fan to my post pointing at my monitor and I was tickertape free for the rest of the day. We shot this on Super16 with the Aaton XTR prod. and the classic super16 Canon zoom lens. Just like the olden days. NEWS AND BLOG Thomas English, UK based Freelance Steadicam Owner/Operator 07970 025 389 .


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