3D Feature Film: Isle of Mann TT

NEWS AND BLOG Thomas English, UK based Freelance Steadicam Owner/Operator 07970 025 389 . I worked earlier this year on a 3D feature film using 2 RED cameras on the PS Technik flyer rig. Really proving that it is all possible in anger. I did a lot of my shots off the rickshaw, which incidentally we broke because the rig was so heavy, some vehicle mounted and some body mounted shots. 3drickshawthomasenglish It was a complicated system that we had to move quickly with. Essentially the film being a feature-documentary; the actors don't wait around for you and the action happens without an AD's command. We had a lot of technical rigging and button pressing to do in very little time so it was a really good project to push the PS Technik rig to the extremes. 3D rigs with cameras as heavy as REDs become so massive. You can see me in the following video having to duck under the back of the rig if I wanted to do a "Switch"; change the orientation the camera has to the truck. It was also interesting powering all that off my Steadicam rig! Some rigs have difficulty powering just one RED camera. Here I had two RED cameras, 2 C-Motion units, 1 Downconverter, 2 Lockit Box's and all the usual Steadicam gubbins. 3D Feature Film from Thomas English on Vimeo. Our 3D team was Chris Parks and Matt Smith from Vision3 and the PS Techniks rig and cameras where supplied by FavaRental.co.uk


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