Now Is What You Make It – Pepsi Max

Pepsi has teamed up with Lionel Messi, Robin van Persie, Jack Wilshere, Sergio Aguero, Sergio Ramos and David Luiz for an interactive advert set around the streets of Rio de Janiero that will be aired in 100 countries around the world. I was lucky enough to Steadicam Operate and B-Camera Operate for the legendary Frederick Elmes DoP (Eraserhead, Moonwalker) and Director Johan Rencke (Breaking Bad). I make lots of appearances in the making-of footage. You can see from the making-off footage just how much was actually shot in a Studio. All the faces were in Studio and composited into wides that were shot in Brazil. Our studio in London was a set of identical replicas from locations in Brazil. This job was a compositors dream and Frederick's lighting matched impeccably.

Now Is What You Make It - Pepsi Max #FutbolNow from Thomas English on Vimeo.


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