Laura Mvula “She”

I am very proud of this one. DoP'd by the LA cameraman Pat Scola and directed by Alex Southam. i got to do lots of proper Steadicam shots for a promo (all the narrative). Of particular note is the shot starting at 1:08 in the funeral and running through 2 door ways (one sideways) to find an older version of the couple kissing. No post cuts on this. Just millimetres of clearance at full pelt. At 33fps and nicely edited into a promo it looses quite how dramatic a shot it was for me at the time to hit the time ques. Still awesome.. Loved the job.. Love the Tree of Life references and love Pat's lighting. and here is the making-of▶ Laura Mvula - She - Behind The Scenes - YouTube from Thomas English on Vimeo.


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